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In an effort to educate and promote residents, businesses, and organizations on how to be sustainable in their everyday lives, the City would like to offer the following resources:

Everyday Sustainability

  • Minnesota Energy Challenge is an action guide for reducing energy waste in Minnesota, provides information on how to reduce energy, and allows residents and businesses to track their energy usage.
  • Do it Green! Minnesota is a guidebook that helps educate Minnesotans about green and sustainable living and building a healthy, local community. The website provides extensive information from the guidebook, and a Green Community Calendar for Minnesota.
  • Greener Choices provides credible, in-depth information on green products, services, and lifestyles.


  • Blue Thumb is an Educational resource for planting a native garden, rain garden, or shoreline stabilization
  • Landscaping with Native Plants is published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and provides information on how to landscape with native plants.
  • The Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites is provided by the University of MN Extension Service Master Gardeners and offers information on how to plant tough sites.
  • Rain barrels offer a resourceful way to keep rainwater on your property that may be later used to water your gardens while reducing your water bill. Click here to learn how to make a rain barrel or purchase one.


Energy Conservation

  • Energy Star Program - Offers information on how to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.
  • Xcel Energy – Save Energy, Money and Buy Renewable Energy - Website helps to analyze energy use for your entire home and provides information on ways to increase efficiency. In addition, you can purchase renewable energy through Windsource, one of the nation’s largest voluntary renewable energy programs, for about $1 per month.
  • Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment - Offers several programs that are tailored to make improvements affordable. the programs include grants for non-profit organizations, zero-interest loans for non-profits and residential customers, and low interest loans for commercial customers.
  • Minnesota Waste Wise - Provides environmental sustainability consulting to Minnesota businesses and organizations
  • Minnesota Technical Assistance Program - Helps businesses implement industry-tailored solutions that prevent pollution at the source, maximize efficient use of resources, and reduce energy use and costs to improve public health and the environment.
  • Minnesota RETAP - Provides environmental facility assessments and community sustainability assistance to Minnesota's businesses, institutions, and communities at no cost.


Building Green


Sustainable Transportation

  • Parks and Trails in Newport - Newport is home to over 140 acres of parkland and over 15 miles of trails!
  • Park and RideThe Newport Transit Station, located on Maxwell Avenue across from Newport-St. Paul Cold Storage, is now open. The transit station offers express bus service between Newport and downtown St. Paul and features an indoor waiting area and large parking lot for commuters. Route 364 provides three express trips each weekday morning and afternoon. Click here to view the schedule.