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City of Newport
596 7th Avenue
Newport, MN 55055
Phone: (651) 459-5677
Fax: (651) 459-9883

Hours: Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


1751 Wild Ridge Trail

Park Amenities:

  • Hiking / Nature Trails

The Newport Bailey Park serves as a unique function for the City of Newport.  It is both a City park where residents can enjoy a relaxing walk on well maintained trails, as well as an officially designated school forest that serves as an environmental learning park for the students in the South Washington County School District.  The 80 acre parkland was originally donated to Newport by Gordon Bailey Sr. to be used as a passive-use park for the residents of Newport.  The park was approved and designated as a school forest by the City of Newport and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in 1998.

The area of the School Forest originally served in part as an out-planting area for Bailey Nurseries.  It is mainly forest (e.g. aspen, oak, cherry, basswood) with a smaller, but significant remnant of oak savanna where species of cedar, juniper, spruce, fir, and ash were planted or seeded into the area.

Environmental education continues to be an important component of the education curriculum.  As such, the school forest provides a unique "wall-less" classroom where kids have hands-on opportunities to interact with nature.  In 13 years, more than 30,000 South Washington County students have visited and participated in activities in the school forest.

The Newport Bailey School Forest continues to see improvements for the park.  The City of Newport has provided a parking area for visitors, paved walking trails in the open area to provide handicapped access for students and residents, and access control to restrict ATV and OHV activity.

Take the opportunity to visit Newport Bailey Park.  The park is a great place    to picnic, walk, reflect,  observe, and in the winter, cross country ski or snowshoe. Click here to view the trail guide and map.

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