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**Click Here to View a Daily Image of the City Hall and Public Safety Building Site**

The Newport City Council has been considering the possibility of a new City Hall and Fire Station since the 1990's. The last time the construction of a new City Hall was considered was in 1913. The Fire Department built Fire Station No. 1 in 1953 and Fire Station No. 2 in the 1970's.

The City Council considered multiple options to include renovations to the current City Hall and Fire Stations. It was determined to be cost-prohibitive to renovate any of the City's existing buildings compared to the cost of new construction for a building that will last for many decades. The location of the new building will be on the southside of 21st Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. This site was chosen to be the best fit for emergency services to respond to fire and police calls compared to other locations along Glen Road, Hastings Avenue, and 7th Avenue.

Advantages of a New Building

"We must invest in ourselves in order for others to invest in us." A new building will maximize the City’s effectiveness of long-term financial planning. City Hall and both Fire Stations require several updates to protect the health and safety of firefighters and staff, come into ADA compliance, and resolve the maintenance costs associated with operating three buildings. A new building will also be energy efficient which keeps energy costs low and is environmentally friendly.

Fire Department improvements include: ability for future expansion on second floor, apparatus bays to accommodate the growing size of fire vehicles, clean and dirty sides to protect firefighters against the carcinogens produced during a fire response, proper office space, indoor training area, hose/training tower, and wellness facilities.

Law Enforcement improvements include: parking garage for police vehicles, private meeting area for investigations, functional office space, improved evidence lock-up, and 24-hour dispatch phone in the vestibule.

Administration improvements include: increase file storage, larger front counter, technology upgrades to aid citizens, exterior display board for public information, historical display case, conference/meeting rooms, and electronic bulletin boards.

City Council Chambers improvements include: modern dais, digital camera system, screen share capabilities, and remote accessibility for cablecaster.

Construction Notices For Residents

Floor Plans and Design

Links Key Presentations and Reports Provided to City Councils'

Timeline for Planning and Construction

November 2019- Interviewed Architect and Construction firms

December 2019- Appointed Brunton Architects and H&U Construction

Summer/Fall 2020- Reviewed and Approved Final Draft Plans

December 2020- City Council Approved Plans and Authorized Construction (Resolution No. 2020-61)

March 2021- Site Preparations

April 2021- Start of Construction

May 2022- Move-In

Summer 2022- Remove Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No. 2

Fall 2022/Spring 2023- Complete Lion's Park Renovations with Ice Rink

Costs and Other Financial Information

The City Council approved a contract for construction with H&U with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) of $7,224,613 for the approved construction plans. The City Council approved a Bond Issuance of $10M for the construction which also includes refinancing current bonds for past street projects. The City was approved for this bond with a "AA" Stable rating by S&P. The significant amount of residential and commercial developments over the past few years has enabled the City to move forward with construction with limited impact to the residents of Newport. The City has also received significant funds for the Park Dedication Fund which is used for the development and redevelopment of parks. The City plans to sell the current City Hall and Fire Station No. 2 site for redevelopment.


Questions and/or Comments about the new building can be directed to Newport City Hall by calling 651-459-5677.