City of Newport, MN

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City of Newport
596 7th Avenue
Newport, MN 55055
Phone: (651) 459-5677
Fax: (651) 459-9883

Hours: Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Below are several resources to help homeowners save money through energy grants and to make home

improvements affordable!

Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Offers assistance for housing and redevelopment in Washington County such as home buyer counseling, foreclosure

prevention and rehabilitation loans.

Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment

Offers several programs that are tailored to make improvements affordable. the programs include grants for non-profit

organizations, zero-interest loans for non-profits and residential customers, and low interest loans for

commercial customers.

Xcel Energy

Provides a wide variety of programs from recycling services to appliance protection to help make a difference in homes.

Minnesota Housing

Offers products and services to help Minnesotans buy and fix up homes, develop and preserve affordable rental housing.

South Washington Watershed District

The South Washington Watershed District provides a cost-share program to residents for regional water quality

improvement programs. Click on the above link for more information.

East Metro Water Resource Education Program

The East Metro Water Resource Education Program provides education about the impacts of non-point source pollution on

local lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and groundwater resources and to engage people and communities in projects that

will help to protect and improve water quality. Click on the above link for more information on events and programs.