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City of Newport
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Ordinance No 2021-01- Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Ordinance No 2021-02- MRCCA

Ordinance No 2021-03- NonResidential Uses, Size, Dimensions

Ordinance No 2021-04- Repeal Interim Ordinance (Bailey Road Moritorium)

Ordinance No 2021-05- Solid Waste (Trash Collection)

Ordinance No 2021-06- Shoreland District

Ordinance No 2021-07- Tree Nusinance

Ordinance No 2021-08- Nusiances

Ordinance No 2021-09- Sewer Connection Required (Chapter 34)

Ordinance No 2021-10- Sewer Connection Required (Chapter 36)

Ordinance No 2021-11- Tree Replacement