Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


The administration department provides City Council support, finance, human resource, labor relations, elections, liquor and tobacco, rental and dog licensing, building permits, data practices requests, and general government administration. City Hall can be contacted by calling (651) 459-5677 or you may reach out to staff directly. 

The Newport Administration Department is located at City Hall and consists of the following staff:

Joe Hatch City Administrator (651) 556-4600 jhatch@newportmn.com
Travis Brierley Assistant to the City Administrator (651) 556-4601 tbrierley@newportmn.com
Deb Schulz Accountant (651) 556-4602 dschulz@newportmn.com
Jill Thiesfeld Administrative Assistant II (651) 556-4603 jthiesfeld@newportmn.com