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The Red Rock Cemetery is set on a small hill in a remote area on Cemetery Road, which is at the foot of Bailey Hill. The Cemetery was created on land donated in 1848 by John Holton, the first settler at Red Rock.  Holton's nephew, Franklin Ford, was in possessino of the records, which included the property title in the name of the original association, as well as a list of burials, when the papers were lost in a fire that destroyed Franklin's home in 1921. 

Nearly 75 years after the land was donated, the Red Rock Cemetery became a legally consituted entity, through the efforts of eight residents of Red Rock. 

Most of the burials in the Red Rock Cemetery were residents of old Red Rock, with the exception of those in the Shephard family plot, who owned a summer vacation home on the Red Rock Camp Grounds.  There is evidence of 33 burials in the cemetery.  Members of families buried in the Cemetery are:

George W. & Mary Abbott
Gilbert M. & Matilda Bigelow

Herman & Martha Brandt

Mother G.H.S. (presumably a member of the Bigelow family)
Thomas Crowley

Gorden Dorland (brother of Edith Nash)

Frank H. Ford

Harriet Ford Watson & son

David Holton

John & Sarah Holton & grandson

Joseph & Lucy Irish

John S. Jordan

Frank W. Kinney

Rev. William & Christina Moore & William Moore (son)

Edith Nash

Irvin R. Nash

Shephard family:

     John I. & Sarah L. Shepard Dunham
     Paul N. Sauber

     Susie Sauber

     Baby Sauber

Margaretta Wentworth

John C. Wilson & Beverly Wilson (daughter)

June Wilson (descendant of G.W. Abbott)