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City of Newport
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Chicken Permit

Dog License
Farm Animal Permit
Kennel License

Special Animal Permit


General Building and Zoning Permit

New Construction Permit


Demolition Supplemental Form (To be included with General Building Permit Application)

Electrical w/Fees

Fats, Oils and Grease Maintenance Log


Mechanical (City Contractor's License Required, click here)

Paving Permit (City Contractor's License Required, click here)


Sewer & Water


Work in Right-of-Way

Vacant Building Registration Form

Fence Permit Application (City Contractor's License Required, click here)

Final Inspection Checklist- Review before scheduling a final inspection.

Certificate of Occupancy Permit - All new businesses must complete this permit and pay a $50 fee prior to moving in.

Plan Review Supplement - Submitted with a building permit and project plans for an addition, remodel, or new construction project.

New Home Supplement - Submitted with a new home permit.

Residential Accessory Structure Supplement - Submitted with a building permit and project plans for an accessory structure such as a garage or shed.

Residential Deck Supplement - Submitted with the building permit and project plans for review for a deck.

Floodplain Supplement - Include for properties in the floodplin. Click here to see if your property is in the floodplain.

SAC Determination - All new businesses or expansions require a SAC Determination through Metropolitan Council. Click here to go to their website for the appropriate forms.

*All contractors will need to provide a copy of their State License to receive a building permit. If a contractor does not have a State License, they will need to get a Contractor's License with the City for a fee of $50.

For questions regarding permit fees, applications, or procedures, contact City Hall at (651) 459-5677. For questions regarding building codes and to schedule inspections, contact the Cottage Grove Building Division at (651) 458-2804.


Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Occupancy Permit - Please note that all new businesses in Newport must complete a certificate of occupancy permit and pay a $50 fee prior to moving in.
Contractor's License

Local Lodging Tax Collection Form

Massage Business' License

Massage Therapist's License

New Business Checklist

Solicitor's / Peddler's / Transient Merchant's Permit

Tobacco License

Workers Compensation Certificate of Compliance


On-Sale Liquor License

Certification of On-Sale Liquor License

Temporary On-Sale Liquor License

Off-Sale Liquor License

Off-Sale Brew Pub Liquor License

Liquor Entertainment License

Employment Application

Volunteer Application and Policy


Application and Policy

Misc Forms

Code Violation Form - Click this link to fill out an online form on a code violation concern.

Contact Us - Click this link to fill out an online form to contact us about a service request, concern, or question.

Odor Complaint - Click this link to fill out an online odor complaint form.

Police Report Request - Please contact Washington County Records directly to request a report. They can be reached at (651) 430-7600

Request for Information - Please email the "Request for Information" form to Travis Brierley at

Vacation Check Form - You can also contact Washington County at (651) 439-9381 to request a vacation check.

Garden Plot Application- Garden Plots are $10 for a 5x10" and $20 for a 10x10" Applications can be dropped off at City Hall with a $20 deposit.

Application to Reserve Park Pavilion
Adopt-a-Park / Trail Program

Buckthorn Day Waiver


Planning Request

Powerpoint showing the process for planning requests

Please submit the below checklists with your planning request application:



Conditional Use Permit

Interim Use Permit


Planned Unit Development

Rental Properties
Rental Property Application- 3 Year (4 Units or Less)

Rental Property Applicaiton- Annual (More than 4 Units)

Inspections Checklist

Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities

International Property Maintenance Code - Adopted by the City of Newport

Special Vehicle Permit

Special Vehicle Application - For ATV's, golf cars and other special vehicles.

Click here to view the City's 2021 Fee Schedule